Friday, April 29, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2nd-6th

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week (some fun ideas at this site), so in preparation for that, two of us from our Parent/Teacher group are making cards to go with the Chamber of Commerce gift cards we buy for our elementary teachers. We need to make 28 cards, so we're each making half. This is the card I made. I used the PTI set, School Time and the Changito set, School for Changito. I'm pleased that I could come up with something that was CAS, and could crank out 14 of them without a lot of stress.

For my DD2's teacher, we will be giving her one of the totes I made a couple of months ago (see this post) . We'll fill it with a few goodies and make her a card just from us. :)

We ♥ our teachers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Library of Memories class!

Big Picture Classes

Registration is finally open for
Stacy Julian's

Finding Photo Freedom
(previously called Library of Memories)

If you would like to join me in this awesome adventure, please use this link and save 10% (new members only). I'm so SUPER excited! I have my book and binder (for keeping class notes in) ready. I also purchased the drawers a year or so ago. I can't wait to use Stacy's system to become better organized and a more motivated scrapper. I'm looking into a possible
guest post
about this class next week so that you can get the inside scoop about this class from someone who is very familiar with BPC. This will fit in perfectly with some homework from the Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class that my guest blog writer and I are taking together, writing a guest post on someone else's blog.
Stay tuned!

My Goodwill finds.
These will be for old, old photos that I would like to organize someday too!

The awesome thing about this new class,
is that it's less $ than what I have saved up!!
The price for FPF is only $79 and the LOM class used to be $100!
Not many awesome things go down in price, thanks Stacy!
(plus, don't forget that 10% discount if you are new member and use the link posted above)

And my new blogger friend, Melissa, is announcing today that she will be a coach for Stacy's class! Congratulations Melissa, you've certainly shown that her system is working for you!

And thanks to my DF, Melissa for "coaching" me on the perks of this class
and persuading me to take it this round.

Have you signed up yet???? :)

One last thing.............

And an important reminder.
Our monthly OLW blog hop is coming up on May 1st. If you are participating in this class, and would like to share your experience with your "one little word", please join us! You can read all about the hop on the Chit Chat section of the classroom message board.

Scrapbook organizing class has begun

Remember this post? Well, class began Tuesday morning (sorry registration for this free class is over, but I think Simple Scrapper will be running it again in May). We are to claim one area of focus. I dug into this bin and got things sorted. I found some great birthday party things that I've saved over the last few years. Tickets, brochures, maps, etc from trips we've taken, memorial cards from funerals we've attended, wedding souvenirs, etc. They are all sorted now, and each category has it's own large envelope. I feel such relief now...when more of these types of things come in, they won't just be stashed in the cupboard...they have a HOME! AND, when I'm ready to scrapbook something I have items saved for, I can just grab the envelope for that event or occasion, and I'll have all the memorabilia in one handy spot.

The before picture,

The cleaned and organized bin,

The old art room cupboard from a school auction, where most of my memorabilia and sentimental stuff gets stashed...or had been stashed. It's clean and ready for some other use now.

I also found some completed scrapbook pages at the bottom of the bin (along with some fabulous extra scrapbook paper too!), which was a wonderful reminder that I can SCRAPBOOK! I felt so inspired finding these treasures. I think they are from Fall 2008.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scrapbook page idea..."Things in bloom today"

It's a rainy, grey day here today, but we're having a break in the rain right now, so I headed out to snap some photos of what's in bloom today. I've had this idea brewing for a day or so now and wanted to get on it!
What's blooming in your garden today?

I'm looking forward to my tulips opening up soon along with the the blossoms on our apple, pear and redbuds.

Leftover Easter ham

Do you have some leftover ham from Easter? My husband had this bright idea last night. He whipped up some eggs and cooked them on our griddle. Then cut them into squares, along with some ham. We found these mini bagels in Walmart's bakery. All I had to do this morning was toast the mini bagels, butter them lightly and pile on the egg & ham combo and 1/2 a slice of cheese. Microwaved it for 30 sec and breakfast was served!
We have enough for one more breakfast.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class survey

In the Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, we are experimenting with getting to know our readers better. Here is quick survey for you to fill out. Please feel free to leave a comment and say hello and give me some additional feedback. Please be specific! What would you like so more of? Less of? More regular posts of something?

Thanks Melissa for your help in my panic!! :)

Fun photo from the weekend

My DD2 found this little heart shape in her cream cheese frosting yesterday at lunch! I couldn't resist playing around with it on
Picnik and making art out of it.

Happy day!
It's a family fun day here. I might get some creative fun in my corner, but we'll see! First up is a family bike ride and then lunch at Culver's! YUM.
It's too nice of a day to stay inside. The rest of the week's forecast (rain, rain, rain) looks like it will provide plenty of cozy basement creative therapy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

May meal planning

I sound like a broken record, but where is time going?? Seems like I just wrote this about the fact that April was fast approaching!

Anyway, here is what my May menu looks like. This doesn't include too much for weekend cooking, because my husband steps in and makes Sunday dinners, and we usually make something fun together for Saturday supper.

Simple Hamburger Stroganoff
Bowtie Lasagna (thanks Misti!)
Monterey Chicken
Chicken Potpie with Cream Cheese & Chive Biscuits
Ground Turkey Enchiladas
Mexican Rice
Cuban Picadillo (for a Cuban friend!)
Baked Ravioli w/Chicken Sausage
Salmon Patties
Homemade Pizza, dough recipe here
Buffalo Chicken Wings w/dip
Franks and Cornbread
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Ham & Cheese Sliders
Baked French Toast
Breakfast Burritos

Haven't had time to look into anything "desserty", but I'll let you know what I find later! I am cutting back on my sweet tooth, so we'll see how that goes! So far, this last week has gone well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project Life update

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

Just wanted to check in with some Project Life pictures. It's a project that is still going strong for me and I love it! The photos shown start with current ones and go back to the last few weeks. I have plenty of photos of people too, but I don't share those on this open blog, but I thought you might enjoy these other non-people photos!

Thankfulness begets thankfulness.

A cold robin wondering where spring went yesterday!

Sunday dinner, Chicken & Rice

Can't believe the weather was nice enough last week to take a 10-mile bike ride, but it was!

My dad had a heart catherization last week, so I brought my laptop up and worked on pictures. With a beautiful view of our capitol and the lake!

I was desperately waiting for these clothes to arrive from Very slow shipping FYI! I didn't get them in time for what I was wanting them for, but I do love them so they are all keepers.

DH has planted some seeds...
asters, peppers, cabbage, broccoli and a few others I can't remember!

This was a few weeks ago already...the lilacs are really leafing out now.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More sympathy cards needed

News came this week that an elderly DF of ours died. I need several cards for this, as we are close to many of his family.

I was thankful for the CAS inspiration found on Nicole's blog (scroll down, she has several cards done with this set) for a set PTI released back in January of last year, Through the Trees. This set has been in my stash of new sets for quite awhile, so I was thrilled to find it.

This card is just an original of mine. Although it was made after surfing the net for sympathy card ideas, so I'm sure it's a blend of many different inspirational cards I drooled over.

The sentiments inside were found here. I just found one I liked, copy/pasted it to a Word document and printed it off on cardstock.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet Lil' Sprout

Today I played along with the Ways to Use It challenge over on SCS. The theme was PEOPLE. I couldn't resist printing off this new digi, Sprout, I found over at Mo's Digital Pencil. She reminds me so much of my daughter...loves to be out helping us garden. This year she will have her own spot in our big vegetable garden. She is so excited figuring out what she is going to plant.

This card measures 5x5 for a change of pace. The little seed packets were cut out of some fun DP that I've had in my stash forever. The red gingham has also been in my stash for a long time. Ah, the joys of finding goodies in your stash! :)

I dug out out my lonely Copics and had fun coloring her in. My daughter has had some rough days at school, so it was comforting therapy to spend some time coloring this sweet little image that reminds me so much of my her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With Sympathy

I needed a few more Sympathy cards today. But, wow, was the creativity mojo stuck in a major way. Nothing was working. I was even trying to CASE and it still didn't get the spark going. I also had three SCS challenge threads open, and they didn't happen with these two cards either! Finally a fellow SCS Flybaby friend posted our weekly challenge. The option was given to use something new. For my second card, I quick grabbed this new floral stamp I purchased at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago and hadn't inked up.

I really hate it when I get a cramp in my creativity mojo. I love when I get a daily flow of it going, but then things happen in life that cramp it all up. For good reason I know, but still frustrating! And to top it off, it's 68* out today. A gorgeous, sunny day and here I was down in the "dungeon" where it's likely around 60*. I'm freezing as I sit here typing. Also my kids are home for an early release day, so I really, really want to just play with them. And I have meatballs and lemon bars to make LOL!!! What a day! SO....onward and two sympathy cards! Happy is here, honest...I just get frustrated sometimes when I can't just sit down and crank some cards out!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you hostess card

I made this card for the sketch challenge over at SCS. We went to some friends for lunch today, and I wanted a card to give as a thank you!


I love watching all the daily and weekly changes that a new season brings!

last week,

this week,

Here's another change I witnessed this evening in just a matter of seconds. You can see the small hole in this cloud. After taking a few pictures, I realized the clouds had moved and the sun was shining perfectly through that hole!

I was instantly reminded of the hymn we sang at my grandfather's funeral
"Back of the Clouds",

Never fear tho' shadows dark
Around your path may fall,
Do not let your heart be troubled;
From His throne in heaven,
God is watching one and all,
He will ever care for you.


Back of the clouds the sun is always shining,
After the storms your skies will all be blue;
God has prepared a rosy-tinted lining,
Back of the clouds it's waiting to shine thru.

Winter long is over and the spring has gone her way,
Often has the storm clouds gathered.
But the rain has only made the blossoms look more gay..
Given earth a brighter Hue.

Keep the light of hope eternal dwelling in your heart.
Rest upon the Father's promise,
And you'll find that care and trouble will depart..
heaven's peace will enter in.

Here's to a wonderful new week!