Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week in the Life!

I so super excited to see this announcement! Sure hope it works and we're not gone on vacation or something that week!! I still need to complete last year's WITL, but it will get done. Yes, it's been almost a year...I did it along with Ali for a week in April last year. I've gotten a couple of pages done, but the others should come together pretty quickly. The layouts are all done using her digital templates.

Here's another great link that Ali provided, giving you plenty of info about Week in the Life. It's a great project and I enjoyed participating in it very much.
You're probably wondering how I will journal all about it now, at this late date, but I did plenty of journaling with it!

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Melissa said...

Me, too, I just saw that announcement. It starts on my birthday and I'm really hoping to do it this year. We are always doing fun stuff around that time and it would be great to document it. Of course, I'll have to do some prep work ahead of time. (Now if only Robbie will have a job and we won't be in the middle of a move or something then! )