Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thanks Becky Higgins

I use Project Life by Becky Higgins

This is what it's all about. Why I love Project Life so much. I'm scrapbooking and I don't even know it...and it's not taking any time at all hardly! I love keeping my private blog for the daily photos and journaling. It makes filling out those journal cards an absolute breeze. Plus I get to share our daily photos with my SIL! :)

And here's my photo and journaling for today:

Today is yet another gray, rainy day. I'm thankful for this vase of tulips on my kitchen window sill. The bright, vibrant color has kept me motivated today while cooking! I'm not much for cut flowers, rather liking to see them in the garden where they belong, but this time of year when they are just barely poking their heads up through the cold, wet ground outside, I need a little color on my window sill!

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~Michelle~ said...

lovely! we're buried under a foot of snow...blech! snow day, so the kids are happy!