Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrapbook organzing

Anyone up for some spring organizing in their corners? Sign up for this free class! I'm hoping it will offer me some much needed inspiration!!
That week will be perfect timing to get things organized so I'm ready for a scrapbooking day with a DF!

While your over on her site, check out her Weekend Reading page! I always find a new blog or two to love from her list of links!!

Here's my scrapbook bin of treasures and misc. things I'm saving for scrapbook pages.
I would love to get this organized before May. This is just one area among many that I would love to tackle.

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Melissa said...

You won't have to purchase anything if you just take that nice box of goodies along! LOL! :) Must be an organizing bug in the air because I've been digging into my stash too this week and overhauling things a bit! Always nice to purge and organize what I really, truly like and want to keep!