Thursday, March 17, 2011

Project Life daily photo: March 17, Spring sensory stimuli!

I use Project Life by Becky Higgins

Just a little Project Life update!

Today's photo of the day,

I had just made the decision on my walk to not take a picture today, and just insert a journal card. Sometimes a day isn't all about what you see, but more about what you think, feel, or smell! Today the my sensory stimuli were on SPRING overload! It has definitely SPRUNG. The first thing I saw on my walk was the street sweeper. I love when that has made it's pass through all the streets in town. It makes for easier walking; no more slipping on the all the loose stone deposited from the salt/stone/sand mixture that gets spread on our wintery roads. Next, I heard a beautiful mixture of robins, red-wing black birds and grackles singing in the trees and various yards I passed. I also heard the steady flow of water into the various sewer drains. A sure sign of disappearing snow. Then just before I got home, I passed the tall pines that stand between the school and our house. A wonderful pine aroma wafted through the stiff breeze.

But then to my surprise, upon returning home, I SAW this! Crocus are always the first to poke their heads through, and I witnessed the very first one of this group.

Album views,

I love incorporating some 8 1/2" x 11" pages that give a little more detail to my daily photos! The first photo shows some news clips I printed off from all the political upheaval in our state's capitol. The I put in a note that my oldest daughter wrote to me asking if she could go up to a basketball game. She said she would take her little sister. Her little sister then took the note and changed some words around!!

The second photo shows the sheet music from my daughter's solo ensemble, along with her sheets she used to announce what song she was playing, who it was by and why she picked that song. Should be fun for her to look back on.

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Melissa said...

You are doing so well with PL!!! I love reading your posts and seeing some of your pictures! I purchased some extra protectors too to incorporate into my album. LOVE your pictures of the crocus!!! Spring brings with it such excitement, doesn't it?! :)