Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pictures galore

I just got my Shutterfly order!!
How many pictures do you think I got developed?

Is this a better gauge?

or is this....

Let me know what your estimate is!

I'll soon be getting these into albums! That huge pile of pictures is in some order, at least from month to month. Will fine-tune it was I get them into the albums.


Anonymous said...

Not a clue since I don't get pictures printed but I'll guess 650 pictures. Sure hope that pile doesn't get knocked over by an active girl!

~Michelle~ said...

oh wow...that is a project!!! I want to know how many ALBUMS that is going to be!!

so do you put LOTS of photos on a page?

Melissa said...

Hahahaha! This made me laugh! It also reminded me of my own picture project that is getting a little behind...eek! My Shutterfly order is going to be looking rather similar, I think! :)