Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pictures galore 2

And the albums are full! DH was pleasantly surprised with his early birthday present. He's looking forward to looking through them later this evening.
All 1,112 of em'.

Did you guess right?


Melissa said...

WOW! You did it!! :) Gotta love newly printed pictures! I'd never have guessed there were that many! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm the only one that posted a number in my comment then I was the closest at about 60% correct! That's a passing score I do believe!!!!

Now the question...How long did it take him to look at 1,112 pictures?

Melissa said...

You will so love having these binders set up when you start LOM this summer. It is so much fun to thumb through them and pull photos you are inspired to scrap at a moment's notice.