Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March OLW blog hop

Welcome to the March OLW blog hop!
I'm excited to be participating again and I must say, it has proved to be excellent inspiration/motivation to get my projects done and thoughts put together.

First off, I forgot to post my February Blog hop giveaway winners, so I decided to just wait until now to announce them, not knowing how many of your visited my blog on a regular basis!! Life got a little hectic, so it's just been in the last week or two that I remembered.

The 5 winners from the February blog hop that will receive their own personalized
OLW bookmark are:

DeeAnn Cummins "move" all colors
The Foden Family "simplify" purple/orange colors
Anonymous "adapt" purple
Jennifer Magreery "create"
Monica "present" orange/green

Please contact me by March 3rd at rbkhandco@gmaildotcom and verify your OLW and favorite colors and also give me your mailing address.

My OLW project this month involved pulling out an 8x10 canvas that I've had for years. It was so fun to play with my paints and some new toys from SU!

Supplies: 8x10 artist canvas, Folk Art #2555 Deep Ocean Blue, Plaid #20521 Nutmeg Brown, SU Basic Brown ink, SU Tiny Tag Punch, Martha Stewart Butterfly Trio punch, Nestabilities Labels 15, Gina K Designs Lovely Labels 2 stamp set, Papertrey Ink Simple Alphabet, Fancy Pants Pollen Dust stamp set, sanding block, sponge, foam paint "brushes", Papertrey Ink twine, SU Brights Pattern paper stack, Mod Podge, quote found online

My March Mindfulness photo collection

1.) Time. I want to be more mindful of time.
That it's passing quickly.
That right now won't happen again.
Of how I'm wasting time.
Of how I'm using time wisely.
Of how I'm hurrying, when I could slow down.

Photo credit: Ali Edwards
(All other pictures are mine, but I wasn't happy with my clock picture.
I went searching Flickr and found this by searching "time".)

2.) My quiet reading corner. It's where I read my
bible every morning and night. The only other book
in this corner is my journal. I've tried keeping stacks
of magazines and books, but I have found them
very distracting in my mindfulness quest.
So I've removed them.
And by doing so, I find I don't have a lot of
extra reading time.

3.) The view from my reading corner.
I love the morning sunshine that shines
through this window.
The mindfulness pillow was my OLW project
for last month. I love that I can see it every day here
when I'm reading. It's a wonderful reminder to keep
me mindful of the task at hand, quiet time with God.

4.) My Project Life album. I have several projects going on this year.
But not too many. My OLW has helped me focus on what's important.
Documenting life through a photo a day has proved to be a
wonderful outlet for my passion for photography!
And it's encouraging the journaling habit I've been wanting to
take hold of for a long time.

5.) Scripture. DH let me know right off that my OLW was in the bible (2Peter 3:2 is my favorite verse with it mentioned). And I knew that! That is part of the reason I love my OLW so much. It's helping me both spiritually and naturally. And both have a depth to them that I want to further comprehend.

6.) Clutter. It's an on-going process. We just got rid of all of our baby equipment and bedding. It's a wonderful feeling to finally let it all go. I'm also decluttering around the house. Every surface does not have to be covered! I love that my hutch, decluttered, causes the eye to move to the main focal point that I love the most, the row of red goblets and the very top display that is lit at night. Those red goblets have always been there. This was my parent's hutch and that is where mom always displayed them. I don't use them much, but they belong there and I love to see them everyday. It's a very pleasant reminder of her.

7.) Journaling. As I said, journaling is something I've always wanted to take time to do and never really have. Or have, but only for about 2 weeks into a new year. This year I prepared myself way in advance and ordered a Log Your Memory book. I also put plenty of thought into the whole process, so that come January 1st, I was ready to roll. My LYM book has it's home in my quiet reading corner. Every night when I sit down for my quiet time, I journal first and condense the day onto the lines provided. It's just enough room. Not too much, that you feel you have to write a novel, and not too little that you feel like you are being too condensed. I also write at the very top what my picture of the day was. That helps keep me on task for that project too! I love that it lists the week number at the beginning of each new week. That helps me keep mindful of time.

8.) Family time. Often after supper, I find myself down in my corner creating something. But then I'll hear the kids and my husband getting a game out to play before bedtime. I'm more mindful of spending time with them because of my OLW. It's a special time to be together and have fun. We have a very happy household, and I love that we can unwind together. I haven't always been this way. I used to think games were a waste of time. Now I see them as very valuable time. My youngest daughter has been dealing with some fears and quite often during a game, she will open up about what's bothering her.

9.) Exercise. Everyday, some form of exercise needs to happen. I'm very mindful of how it changes my perspective on any given day and circumstance. It pretty much has to happen. I can let it go a day if life gets in the way, but not two for sure. I feel it immediately. I had my daughter take this photo of me doing some yoga one afternoon. We had been home all day with a snow day and I was very uptight and hormonal. It wasn't a running day (I run 3 miles every other day), so I treated myself to a few yoga stretches and immediately felt the difference. I loved the reflection I could watch as I did a few sun salutations.

This last photo and several others that I have taken with reflections in them have given me food for thought this month, but it's been more in the last week, so it maybe something I will have to work on more in March! I caught my reflection in a few photos and have let it be, not trying to edit it out or take the photo from a different angle.

These are the 8x10s I'll be including in my February section of my album,

and just one last reflection photo,

I received this plaque as a prize from Jen over at By Jen! It's beautiful and goes along so nicely with my OLW. I took a photo of it and right away noticed yet another reflection, right in the middle of the heart! I love that....that's where reflection takes place isn't it? At the center of our heart! Or maybe from our minds, but the feelings the reflections evoke come forth from our heart. But like I say, this all needs more thought!

I'm not looking at changing my word, but I want to study it more in connection with my word! Guess I've got myself some homework for March. Ah discoveries, aren't they fun?
I hope you are discovering wonderful things from your OLW too!

Now onward and forward...
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A special thanks to Margie for organizing these wonderful events!


Lynn said...

Its obvious that you put a lot of thought and time into this month's assignment/prompt. Thank you for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! So good to see your word working for you :) Enjoy your March!

Stacey (TheAcornGarden.com) said...

I'm getting the impression that we are all on a similar journey, even if our words are different. Love your journaling here.

Karen said...

Your canvas is beautiful! Love your reflection photo of yourself in a yoga pose and the photo of the clock.

m said...

Stunning photos!

MonicaB said...

Stunning Photos!

Cheri said...

great photos - love the yoga pose shadow!

Donna said...

wonderful. happy you're word is staying with you. LOVE your photos.

Abbey said...

Great reflections (sorry for the pun). I think you are doing such a wonderful job with your project and process. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Great post and love your photos especially the reflection ones.
Lisa xx

Jan B said...

LOVED your photos and your explanations of how each has inspired your "reflection" on your word. I have to say, I'm so convicted about moving all the "extra" stuff away from where my a.m. devo's take place as well. I'm sure it would help in my quest to "focus" on my relationship with God. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your mindful journey... :)

Janeen said...

I really enjoyed reading this Rebekah.

Heather said...

I like your photos, especially the reflections ones! I also very much enjoyed reading your thoughts behind each picture. Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos for your OLW and I love the projects you are doing each month. I just started yoga in Feb and I love it!

Cassie_lu said...

great pictures and that cnavas looks amazing

Jen said...

I loved reading about your word and the photos. Your pillow is too cool and I love your mixed media piece. I feel honored to be included in this post, too. The reflection in the heart is really neat. I look forward to seeing what the year brings us and our words.....maybe some doodling ;)

Anonymous said...

What an inspirational post! Such thoughtfulness. I also love seeing the winners of all these great prizes from last month along the hop. So much coolness!Great pics and wonderful canvas. Thanks so much for participating.

mandyb said...

i LOVE all the ones you are capturing yourself in photos!!! very cool!!!
and love the canvases too

~Michelle~ said...

Beautiful post Rebeckah, both photos and your writing, and oh, so true! So glad you popped by my blog and introduced yourself, I just love your blog! :)

Lani said...

Hmmm... I found you again. Why were you hiding from me? ;) You weren't? Well where have I been then? Fun to read along with you.

cia said...

I really like the first reflection photo - and the idea to capture so many reflection photos. Great job on journaling on a regular basis!