Monday, March 28, 2011

Canvas People

Just heard about this fabulous deal and wanted to share it with everyone! Canvas People is offering a free 8x10 canvas (use this link for the promotion); all you pay for is the shipping which is $14.95. Quite a steal for a canvas! I just ordered mine last evening and can't wait to receive it. I've always wanted to have one of my own photos on a canvas, but the prices are always so high. I think this promotion is just for March, being the offer has "March Promo" in it, so hurry and take advantage of this.

This is the photo I sent in for favorite photo from last summer.


~Michelle~ said...

wow...that is a gorgeous photo! I'll bet it will be awesome in canvas!

Melissa said...

Ooooo! Love your photo and I love the sounds of that deal! I should go look through my pictures!!!! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Cecil and Amy said...

I did this. Actually, I did this twice! :-) I had that awesome picture of the Bradford Pear tree that I sent you right before you came to GA, and then another one from our trip to Maine last summer. Thanks for the heads up! The only thing I did that was a problem on the first order is that I forgot to send it to Carol's address. Sweet li'l Chooch LOVES to tear into packages. Did I tell you the time that I had two pistols across the yard that he ripped out of the box and moved around? Uh-huh! Anyway, I've written an e-mail already to change the address! Thanks for the idea!