Thursday, February 24, 2011

Various Project Life photos

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

It's been awhile since I shared a glimpse of some of my non-personal PL photos!

Last Thursday was a day full of running errands. Even after school, we had to go into town.

The week of the 13th, we had a fabulous thaw, with gorgeous, sunny 30*-40* days! I discovered my daffodils poking their little heads up.

My daughter went to Solo Ensemble last Saturday. This is what she brought home in her bag....her garbage!!!!!! And look at the junk she ate, LOL! Junk food JUNKIE! But she had a fun day, and I remember doing the same thing myself!! There is no day label on this photo, because I did a 4x6 collage of several pictures from her performances.

The icey weather we had last Sunday & Monday.

The day I found out I won a class over at BPC!!

Yesterday I baked a bunch of rich, chocolate brownies and drop sugar cookies (frosted and sprinkled with our school color sprinkels...Halloween colors!) to take into the teacher's lounge this morning. They've been through a stressful couple of weeks b/c of state budgeting woes. I thought a little treat platter was in order to cheer them and thank them for continuing to teach our children through it all. Several other schools nearer to the state capital, had to close for 4-5 days last week b/c the teacher's were all gone protesting.

Today, my dad and I had to run over to the hospital so he could have a scheduled test done. We had lunch together first. I love how this photo captures the restaurant sign out front. That's what I'm enjoying so much about photography, capturing the unexpected details that fit in with the photo you are taking!


Melissa said...

I'm really loving your camera lens' perspective on life! :)

Thinkie said...

That last photo is great! And the cookies look yummy! How cool that you won a plce in the 'got paint!' class, see you in class!