Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strike THREE!!

I won something again!!!!!
Free admission to Got Paint? over at BPC.
I'm so super excited!!!

I so badly wanted to sign up for this class and just couldn't swing it b/c I'm saving up for the LOM class, and am already enrolled in two other classes. I've entered several giveaways for Got Paint? too. I can't wait to sign into class later this evening and see what's happening. And you know from today's earlier post, that I just dug out my paints and canvas last night! WHOOT!!!

My SIL and DH have a thing going back and forth between them about how good/awful February/March is. My SIL's birthday is in February, so therefor she thinks February is the best month. DH's birthday is in March (they are just 1 year apart in age), and thus our household has been made, er, forced to believe March is the best month. Plus my DD's birthday is also in March, giving DH that much more ammunition. But I'm beginning to think February is pretty awesome, LOL!

And for good measure, just in case you didn't know already....

Big Picture Classes


mollymoo951 said...

That is such a sweet win! Made even sweeter cuz that's what you were going to pay for eventually! Kind a like those SU! goodies I won! LOL Congrats! :-D

Melissa said...

Yay!! What a great thing to win! :)