Monday, February 28, 2011


View 's Pins on Pinterest

Wohoo, I got an invite to join Pinterest! I can't wait to start filling up my inspiration boards. This looks like an awesome place to collect all your favorite inspiration. They define pinboard as a visual collection of things you love. I love visuals! :)

It's all about friends and sharing, so let me know if you would like an invite!!
I don't know if their is a daily limit or not, so be sure and leave a comment right off if you think this is something you would be interested in. I had heard the invites were limited, b/c they are still in the beta stages of development. My feeling is this is going to take off huge!

I'll be a little slow getting my inspiration boards up and running. I've got a busy few weeks coming, but it's all good and I'm not stressing about a thing! Winter has been slow and relaxing, so I think the next few weeks of activity is going to be inspiring enough!!

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mollymoo951 said...

Interesting! I clicked your link and requested an invite! :-D