Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mindful thoughts ahead...beware!

I hopped on my treadmill for a run this morning with a heavy heart. But I'm so thankful I still had a little "hop" in me to get on the treadmill, because I feel so much better now and wanted to share the thought that has inspired me today. I almost didn't want to stop running, I was having such wonderful thoughts. Music "blaring" in my ear, yet I wasn't really listening. The music is just there to keep my feet going!!

Have you ever looked back and seen this image in your mind? It's the familiar image from the poem "One Set of Footprints" and it was very refreshing to me this morning to remember this. To have it made clear again what an honor this is, looking back and only seeing one set of footprints. And they are not mine.

An honor!

All too often, I try to walk it myself or at least with Him, and yet knowing it's all too much and just being carried would be so much more beneficial for me and everyone around me. I've had a rough week, and yet I'm so thankful for some daily habits that renew my spirit, soul and body. I'd be a mess without these habits. Yes, exercise is a biggie for me, but it's not my biggest & best renewing habit.

And so it is, I can go forth into this day mindful of only today. Tomorrow will bring it's own cares and thoughts, but I don't want to waste the beauty today can have because I'm worried about tomorrow or this next week.

There. Sharing deeper thoughts isn't always easy! :)
Normal creative posts will resume Monday!
I'm hoping to work on some Project Life layouts today, inspired by this post. I just got my page protectors with 9 4x4" pockets. And yes, I ordered them from Archiver's online. Very fast shipping! :)
Thanks for listening. ♥


~Michelle~ said...

hugs to you! so thankful that we don't have to walk alone, that brings such peace even in turmoil!
looking forward to tomorrow and the refreshing and refocusing it will bring!

Melissa said...

Love your thoughts for today!! Thanks for sharing them! Why is it we try to be SO self sufficient...planning, planning, planning ahead and forgetting about today?! I've been so frustrated lately with the busy-ness of life! Thanks for the reminder that "today" is all we really need to put our full energy into!

Melissa said...

Wonderful thoughts - always good to be reminded that He will carry us through the tough times.