Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm a winner this week!!

I've won two things this week!! Here (a whole bag of seam binding ribbon goodies!) and here! My next project for the March OLW blog hop is some canvas art of my own, so when I saw Jen's post about hers last month, it only further inspired me!! And now I'll get to see it IRL! :)

No creating got done today. I got side-tracked with some much needed decluttering. I put away all my winter decor and got out the spring stuff!
I always declutter as I go.

Also, our back bedroom where all the baby stuff has been, is quickly shaping up. We gave all our baby equipment to some friends who are expecting their first. Now I've got a pile of other junk to go to the thrift shop. And my Keurig machine is boxed up to send off to my SIL. I love really strong coffee, so this wasn't cutting it for me. And it's too expensive to do more than 1 pod for a cup of coffee!

And you can see, I also gave my blog a face-lift!
And the snow has finally stopped falling! ;)


Melissa said...

Love the blog facelift! Doesn't it feel great when you've gotten out a new season's decor!

Melissa said...

You are really getting things done! Nothing like a good spring cleaning and freshening up, is there?! :)

Janeen said...

love your new look, happy for your that you won! it's always fun. wouldn't it be fun to win one of those huge blog candies some of the sites give away. that would be fun to go through piece by piece. maybe someday. :)