Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flyin' the COOP!

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

OK, third snow day down, plus an additional day with DD2 at home because she was sick starting on Sunday night. get the drift, I mean point....*this momma's ready to fly the coop. And that is our chicken coop behind me!

Sorry, couldn't resist a little humor today. I pulled an "OK, class...." on my girls, and they bundled up and we headed out to explore the arctic. There were too many photo opportunities awaiting and I needed someone to man the camera for a few of them. ;)

That's all from this funny farm today.
Off to create something!

*Disclaimer: I really do enjoy my girls, and I love having them home. I love snow days. Cozy and fun. I'm just kind of hormonal these last few days, making me uptight and moody. It's just plain ol' bad timing.

A few more scenes from today's exploring:

Yes, this is my clothesline, but I'm looking down at it!

Cool drift behind the coop,

No, we didn't explore the beach, this is just wind-swept snow!


thinker said...

those are some awesome snow pictures... the drift behind the coop is amazing!!! how fun to find all these treasures when you went exploring :)

Melissa said...

Don't feel bad feeling that way, momma! I think lots of us mommas can relate. :) Hugs! We're doing better here today than we did with yesterday's snow day. Maybe the sunshine is helping?! :) LOVE the pictures you captured, especially that awesome looking snowdrift! WOW! Go have some creative fun need it! :)

Patricia said...

I love that drift! I like the "mama flying the coop" too!! lol

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Where do you live? I'm in Oklahoma and seriously having some SEVERE cabin fever issues...and my husband and son are much worse than me! Of course, it doesn't help that I'm severely sick with a cold. I think its worse being this sick when you can't go anywhere because of snow than if you're sick in the summer. At least in the summer you can drive to CVS to get some medicine...but I don't think I can make it up my street!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing...I love to see real life pictures...thanks for sharing.