Friday, February 18, 2011

Color coordinated stamping corner

Here's what I've been doing over the last week or so. Putting my whole stamping corner in order by color! As per Stacy Julian's grand ideas! Here is a link to her color orange bin and how she has it set up. She has done a video for each color (or maybe not yet, but she's in the process of it!).

I must admit to being rather hesitant about doing this. I bought most of these jars at IKEA back in June! It's taken me that long to commit to a day to do it. Thankfully my little girl was a very willing helper in separating packages of brads and buttons and organizing them all into little snack size baggies for my jars!

So far I LOVE it. All hesitation is gone. I've been down in my corner stamping this evening, and it has really opened up my world to grab a color jar and see what embellishments I have to use. Where as before, I would have reached for a brad, but now I get my jar and think "Wow, maybe a button would be better!". Really! The ribbon on the big dowel will stay the way it's right out there where I can see it and I really love being able to pull down what I need and cut.

I strung some lights behind the jars, but they aren't showing up very well in the pictures! I also have some lights with my display of cards, kind of makes them pop. They are from a DF. The lights give a cozy glow to my corner when I'm not actually in it.

In the 2nd picture, way up on the top shelf in the very back, you can see my mom's old artist color palette that she would scrape and mix her colors together on. Let me tell you, the day I dug that out of a box after we had moved them out here (she was already in a nursing home at that point b/c her dementia had gotten so bad so fast), I was SO thrilled. It was a very comforting find and brought back a flood of happy memories. When mom was at her easel, she was a very happy woman. She was a happy lady anyway, but I can remember the sense of calm that came over her at her easel. And I now know what that feeling is all about, I get it myself when I sit down to create. And one more thing, in the first picture, is a little print my mom drew of water lily that I also found among her things!

And speaking of treasures, here's another type of little treasure and a simple little joy I experienced today. This little guy poked his head out as I was vacuuming in my youngest daughter's room. Both of my girls are little packrats. I temper my desire to be clutter-free with their rooms, b/c I do remember what it's like to have treasures. This little treasure was from my daughter's teacher. She brought each of them back a little souvenir from her trip to Mexico. I noticed the other day, my daughter had this little guy on her window sill, propped up so he could look out! :) Cute, love little minds and imaginations. Happy weekend dear followers and readers! ♥

....don't forget to grow where you've been planted!

DH planted this amaryllis bulb recently and I hope to document it's growth.


mollymoo951 said...

Me likey! LOL. Looks good. And I love the new blog layout & colors!

Melissa said...

So glad you jumped into the organizing by color! I have never regretted it! Love just grabbing the color bin I'm looking for and digging through to see what I have that would work on my project! So much easier!!! :) Love the other little treasures you found today too! :)

Melissa said...

LOVE your blog's new spring look too! Perfect! :)

thinker said...

I do love what you did in your craft space - I noticed the water lily print right away - had to look a little harder for the palette. What wonderful treasures you have found to inspire & give opportunity for remembering ☺

Janeen said...

these are so beautiful, Edith and Ellie have huge blooms on theirs. the both brought them up from the basement in Jan. Ellies had two big blooms on it and she had never watered it or anything while it was down there. i think i could even grow something like that.! :)