Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wellness Journey, yoga goals

Lisa Cohen's Wellness Jouney at Big Picture Classes

One of my Wellness Journey goals is to incorporate yoga into my week at least once.
Today was the day this week and it felt wonderful. Upon getting up from my session, I looked out the window and saw this sight! I laughed, because it seemed the squirrels have the same idea...to do a little hanging upside down each day!! Don't they know that eating while doing yoga is not very beneficial?? Yoga and a good laugh for day, who can beat that?

BTW, Blogger won't let me upload this correctly. Anyone have any tips on how to correct this? Consider it yoga for your neck as you try to take a look at my photo! :)

Another wellness goal: to consume less sugar. And combined with my "one little word", mindfulness, it's been a little easier. Yesterday I went through the whole day without any treats. There likely was sugar in the foods I ate, but there were not any sugary treats. Until after supper. DH made some cinnamon rolls. But he makes them with honey. Overall, I was just happy to go through the majority of the day with no treats. Today has been the same so far. Cinnamon roll for breakfast, but no other sugary treats yet. I must say, I'm not even tempted. I think that has to do with the huge amount of sugar I took in over the holidays. Ick.

Now off for some Lentil soup for lunch!

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Janeen said...

Rebekah, I too have started with some Yoga moves. They are so good for stretching. I like the relaxation of it.