Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wellness Journey, OUCH!

Took a run/walk today and now my calves are hurting. I took a new route. Had to drive to it, but I wanted a straight, less hilly course that I could do. I rubbed some Mama cream on my legs and they are already feeling better. I've finished Week 6 of 8, but I think I'll be repeating this week just to ensure I'm ready to move on. I've been having to take a few walking breaks in the running segments. And I'm SUPER excited...we have a new fitness center coming to our little town. We had one several years ago, but it closed up. I loved getting up early and hitting the gym before my kids were even up. This was back when DD2 was a little tyke; now's she 7 1/2!! But she would hear me tip-toe out of my bedroom and down the hall, and as I was walking out the door, I would hear "Mommy, mommy...". Thank goodness Daddy was game for some snuggling. I don't know HOW she could hear me, but she did. She still hears DH as soon as he is up. So I'm excited, because this will offer me some awesome variety in my fitness regime. Bye-bye love handles...ah, one can always dream can't they?

Now I'll have tomorrow completely free. DH will be home and we'll be running errands in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, there is a blood drive at our school, which we both will participate in. Do you give blood? Please do so if you can at all. It's a wonderful opportunity to give to those in need. And there are yummy treats after you are done (at least at ours). :) I have a very weak stomach, but DH finally convinced me to go. My first experience was not very fun. I got very faint and had all the older ladies (volunteers from our local churches) fussing over me!! But I was brave and went back the next time they came to town and everything went much better. I still make the ladies nervous though!! :)


Melissa said...

That is AWESOME!! We can use the gym at Kurt's work, but I'm a bit nervous about going there by myself.
I want to dig into my isometrics book again and get going with that! Love your computer app for your handheld! You go, girl!! :)

Anonymous said...

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