Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once again...

I'm so inspired my a blogging, scrapping, crafty momma'! Please take a moment to read Ali's post. Yes, her life is different than mine, but yet, I so enjoyed her words that echoed what's been in my own heart the last few days..."I have no desire to be busy." I had lunch with a friend this week and one of her comments with being so busy with their family business is that she afraid of not being busy and so she has jumped in with both feet with their business expansion.

Now, I know, we are not all the same and some of us just need to have fires in every pot. But that is SO not me. I turn into a monster if I have too many fires going. I can't handle it. I strive to keep balance in our home. If I worked full-time, or even part (trust me, I've thought about it...), the precious balance we've come to know in our home would totally be disrupted. So...I just appreciate help with putting my thoughts into words, thank you Ali.

I journaled about it last evening, and here are my rough notes.
That's all I did, just outlined my thoughts after reading her post.

*Daily routines, a must
*No desire to be super busy
*Making choices to keep from being too busy, saying no, remembering my limits/values
*engaging in the here and now (ha, mindfulness comes up again!!)

And this thought from a blog reference Ali had:
*Don't be too consumed w/making sure everything runs smoothly, step back and enjoy the moment, be able to say "Hey, lets run off and do this or that"...even at home, "Hey girls, lets just sit down and play games" (which actually we are getting pretty good at...most evenings we play at least one game together before bedtime).

And another blog reference which I had read before:
urgent vs. important
"Can the urgency fall back in line and the important take priority?"
"Be intentional with your time."

And thoughts on pursuing creativity which somehow in my mind connects with all these thoughts because that is part of my "job" at home:
The end of busy
The No. 1 habit of Highly creative people

creativity. solitude. unplug.
Even when all is quiet at home, having the computer on and being online makes it's own "noise". I know I need that to be quieter, so that I can allow my creativity more free reign.

OK, I'm off to CREATE some cards!!
Thanks for listening.
I'm off to put these words into action!

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~Michelle~ said...

I can totally identify with this! :)