Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hand written notes, lost art?

This week has opened my eyes to the beauty and power of hand-written notes. Saturday I received a letter in the mail from a friend who lives far away. We first met when her family lived about 45 minutes from us. I was so surprised to receive such a nice letter from her in response to my New Year's picture and letter I had sent them. I was struck by how wonderful it was to sit down and read a hand-written letter. And I immediately wanted to respond!! Here it is Tuesday and I still haven't. But it's on my list to do today. She doesn't have email, so this is the only way to correspond with her. Other than the telephone, I suppose...but that's not my favorite way to communicate!!

Then yesterday afternoon and evening, I kept finding these sweet little hand-written notes around the house.

DD1 is very responsive to my feelings. If I'm feeling yucky or sad or moody, she feels it and always responds with love. So while I was getting supper ready, I found a note in the fridge that said, "Your cool". And on the covered cookie plate, "I love you". And by my camera, "Your the best". Later in the evening, I found another "I love you" by my journal and one on my bedside table that said "Good Night!". She just knows when a person needs a little extra love. Now, I didn't go around the house all yesterday sighing and bemoaning the fact that I felt yucky, but being they were home early yesterday, it was more apparent than if they had come at their regular time!


Melissa said...

I love handwritten notes! My grandmother always wrote thank you notes and sent letters and I try to continue that tradition. I don't do it nearly as often as I like, but sometimes I really feel someone needs something extra and I'll send them a handwritten note. Love that your daughter is sensitive to your feelings and provided little pick-me-ups!

Pam said...

I too love handwritten notes, but couldn't tell you the last time that i made the effort to write one! Glad your DD is so sensitive to your feelings - that is so sweet!

Melissa said...

I love handwritten notes too and it seems like it is becoming less and less common! I don't mind a typed form letter around holiday time, but I REALLY like a handwritten letter or note! Seems like the only ones that do that anymore are our grandparents!!

stampandweave said...

How sweet that A is so in tune to your feelings and needs.