Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday FIVE

Been a few Friday's since I did this, so let's get back in gear with five fabulous things I've loved/enjoyed/experienced this week.

1. Libraries. I love them. I love when I find a book on the new book shelf that is one I was wishing I could buy. Today I scored by finding the book, Cake Pops by Bakerella! DD1 was disappointed there were no penguins. Maybe on her blog? I'll have to check!

2. They do an awesome job. I've been trying to find a local place for developing since I'm doing Project Life and wanting my pictures yesterday even more so than usual! Today I tried a drugstore in town that has expanded and now includes a photo developing department. No deal. Their matte finish is very flat looking. And the pictures were dark. I compared them to the very same pictures from Shutterfly, so I know this for sure! Shutterfly pictures come super fast (like 3-4 days after sending in your order. Order Sat., rec'd in the mail on Wed.). Crazy. The lighting and colors are always vibrant and the matte version is beautiful. I've also done photobooks and love them too. Which reminds me, I need to start working on 2010 year-in-review books for my DDs.

3. Color. I can't wait to paint our kitchen next Friday. The colors I have now seem so drab. It was back in the day when I wasn't too daring with my paint color choices. I've since moved to bold and colorful. My dining room is red/chocolate, hall is a turquoise color, family room a golden yellow. Now my kitchen will be Panera-style orange and a grey/blue. Color makes rooms so personal.

4. DH's winter break. He's home more. And when he does go in to work, he comes home earlier. He takes one whole day off once a week and we do something together. Today we're going on a date to a quaint, touristy-type town. Lunch and a stroll through the town. Very relaxing.

5. Parenting. I love this journey. I'm learning so much along the way. Like how deep our love for our children really goes. You learn a little more about this as you watch your children go through rough experiences in their little lives. As you stand by to give them support and TLC and let them know that they can do something that seems so hard/impossible/fearful!

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