Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project Life

I've been having fun putting my Project Life basket together! I found this wonderful video that helped me make sense of all the goodies that came in the package, so I thought I would share it with you in case you too have been intimidated by all the beautiful things and wondering just how to set about getting ready for January 1st (or whenever your start date is going to be).

I have all my journaling and weekly cards sorted. Now I just need to to through and put the weekly cards and month dividers in like Tammy did on her video. Fun!

Here are a few peeks of what I'm up to!

I wanted a special basket to keep all my Project Life goodies in. This way I can keep it up in the dining room and in sight, with easy access. The goal behind this kit it to not have to fuss with embellishments and cutting and pasting. Just pop your picture in, journal on a card and pop that in too! So I don't need to haul anything up from my stamping corner downstairs. Everything I need is right in this basket!! The planner you see holds my "Log Your Memory" journal so I can jot down extra things for my other scrapbooks! I'm unsure if I want to cover it with this fun project or simply leave it in the pretty Franklin Covey binder I bought at Target for it.

Journaling cards:

Title page:

Last page:

I just put these together now just to start playing, but I may change them around as I get as my creativity starts flowing with this project.

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Melissa said...

Uh oh. I feel a journal search coming on! LOL! Love your PL basket! Looks like you're all ready to go!! :)