Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday FIVE

Let's see, what FIVE fabulous things can I think of today....

1.) Smart Wool socks, so warm and cozy! I can't stand wool against my skin, but these socks don't bother me at all. Just found these fun striped ones this fall.

2.) Inspiration to be better...Brave Girl's Seeing Past what it Seems. I also rec'd this email last evening, The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget. These two posts seem to run hand-in-hand with my thoughts lately. Just today I got upset because the clerk at Aldi was very rushed and "unfriendly" with me. Now, they are usually quick and efficient, but lately this one girl has been extremely so. And I get all huffy myself because as a customer, I don't "deserve" that kind of treatment. But I've really been caused to think more about this lately. There are folks out there that are going through some very painful experiences in life. I want to be careful and show love and compassion. The bible is, above all, my most inspiring book to read and study, and the one I read the most, but I'm thankful for little articles like these that come across my "desktop" and serve as a little seed thought for deeper spiritual lessons.

3.) Puzzle mats. I know, pretty simple, but I just bought one today so we can enjoy working on a puzzle over Christmas break. If they start to drag on, I can easily roll them up and tuck them away until we're ready to tackle them again.

4.) Blogging. I just opened up two new blogs (they are private, sorry!) and one is off to a great start. Having this outlet has unloaded a lot of mental stress to know I can quickly edit and upload a picture and type up some journaling. Then when I do sit down to scrapbook, I can just open my blog and find all the wonderful things I journaled about and may have forgotten the significance of! The 2nd one I started is going to help me with Project Life. I'll post my pictures/journaling and then when the photos finally get developed, I'll have the record in my blog and again, not loose any significant detail I wanted to journal about. Her new kits should be on sale soon. I have last year's kit, totally unused, so I'm ALL set for once. I can't wait to watch this video clip tomorrow on how to set up my book. The reason for the delay in developing is because I use Shutterfly and want to be able to order larger batches of pictures at a time to save on shipping. Their quality can't be matched locally. The clerks at Walmart are very intimidating. Walgreen's will only do glossy at the store. There is a new Hartig. I should look into their photo developing.

5.) YOU!! Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you for leaving comments if/when you can, I appreciate them very much. I'm enjoying the experience. ♥

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Oh to be a light to another soul. Thanks for sharing.