Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday FIVE

1.) Fun gift ideas. My daughters would love these for their rooms! Photoworks Wall Clings

2.) Humor...
3) Creativity at it's finest, WOW! Christmas Family Greetings Video . And here's a post about "Behind the Scenes". What talent to behold! Check out his other video's one of which just totally put me in awe, what an awesome family keepsake, Family Portrait. I would love try this with our extended family; don't know if I could pull it off or not (and when are we all going to be together next??)

4.) Pomegranates. My daughter and I love them. Just took apart two of them, so we're ready for a weekend of healthy munching!

5.) Dimension. I have seen so many gorgeous cards lately, and the one thing I love the most is all the dimension to them. Yesterday I finally made one of my own. It was a new feeling to me to think "up and off" the paper.

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stampandweave said...

I like the cartoon! I love pomegranates, too!