Thursday, December 16, 2010

Artisan bread, cookies and nature's beauty

I successfully made artisan bread last evening to go with our Minestrone Soup. It was wonderful and super easy to do. I've had this book for quite awhile now. I made the basic bread recipe once before, but broke my stoneware baking sheet so that took the excitement out of it for me. But now I've discovered I can use my cast iron dutch oven. The thought was that it might make a very dark crust on my bread, but it didn't. I took it out of the oven at 20 min instead of the 30 it called for. It was done perfectly.

From this:

To this:

To this: :) One slice was all that was left!

I also baked up some of these delicious treats. Wow, super good if you like chocolate and peanut butter together!!

Then, this morning I was rushing off to check on something and passed our deck door. I slowed down quick and back tracked to enjoy this beautiful site. So vibrant against the white snow! I have put out bird food and suet and have been enjoying all the little birds that come, but this is the first sighting of this beauty. (this winter that is) I love that nature can cause you to slow down!

Now I promise that my next post with have something stampy.
There is a fabulous challenge I want to participate in!

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Melissa said...

I can about smell that bread just looking at the picture! Now did you HAVE to tell me about those peanut butter chocolate things?!! I'm a fool for peanut butter and chocolate! Aaaaargh! :)-