Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday FIVE

1.) GLUE DOTS. I really, really don't think I could live without them. I use them on everything. They are especially nice for layers of paper that have been embossed with my Cuttlebug. I put one in each corner to help keep the layer down. I love Stampin' Up's, but sometimes I run out before I'm ready to place another order, so I was thrilled to find them at Hobby Lobby.
My daughters love using them too! :)

2.) DECORATING FOR A NEW SEASON. Oh how I LOVE to pull out all my snowmen and pine boughs. I always save it for the Friday after Thanksgiving! I could easily do it before, long before, but each season must be savored!! My favorite scent for winter is Yankee Candle Sparkling Pine or Balsam and Cedar.

3.) Huge square paint "chips". These are not the ones I'm using, but you'll get the idea of what they are. Our local Farm & Fleet store has something simliar for their line of Benjamin Moore paints. They are super for putting up on the walls and studying from a distance!

4.) This new app I found. I love being "coached". It's made a huge difference already in my running energy. The day before yesterday I couldn't believe it when he announced "This is your final 60 sec run."

5.) And this app is helping me on my off run days to get my push-ups in.
It's so nice to have the timer built right in!

I'm gearing up for my Wellness Journey and these pictures
will come in handy when I get ready to scrapbook my journey!

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Melissa said...

Look at all that fun stuff! :) I REALLY need to locate my snowmen! It's finally time! :)