Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordpress move...please follow me over!

I'm moving to a fresh new home and site.  Enough glitches with blogger!

Thank you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Whew, a way around the photo issue...

Thanks to this wonderful blog post, I have a new way to add photos to my blog posts!  At no cost.  I would pay, but only if I knew and was sure it was completely legitimate.  I'm not feeling it is.  So there.

Seriously?? Blog photo issue...

So what's up with this?  Supposedly I still have room left according to the %'s, but it keeps telling me I cannot upload photos because I don't have any more storage.  Now, I've had this happen before and I've gotten past it...waited an hour or so, tried again and surprise, I could upload photos again.  But it's not happening this time.  What's the deal?  Anyone have any tips for me?  Do I really have to start paying?  Is there better blogging options out there??  Help!!  My blog posts NEED photos.  Photos are my life.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Told you I liked these kinds of posts!
(blogger is having photo upload issues, so photos will come later I guess!)

Currently...baking an apple pie for my dad's birthday dinner tonight.  Pizza and apple pie and some creamy, delicious Breyer's Homemade Vanilla ice-cream!

Currently...grateful for other's joy on our happy pregnancy news!  And grateful for friends who are standing by with love and support and even further out support of "we'll come stay with the girls and bring them in to see the baby".  Oh, that would be SO fun!!!  I hope that works out.  Hospital visitors are the best!!  That from friends that are like FAMILY.  Love you guys!!  Love when the line of friends/family blurs like that.

Currently...still very grateful for my husband and kids that are working over-time in the kitchen.  Mostly I'm simply keeping up with laundry and cleaning.  

Currently...grateful that I felt good on Thanksgiving day and enjoyed a grand feast put on by DH and the kiddos.  We had a table full with my dad and some friends and their kiddos.
  (I made the apple pie and sweet potato casserole....everything else DH put on with the kids help).

Currently...grateful for those who just do.  
No questions asked (what can I do, etc??) they just DO.
The neighbor lady knocked on our door the day before Thanksgiving.  I had just sat down with a fresh cup of tea.  Was having a rough day.  Not feeling good.  Trying to clean a little.  Trying to help DH by making a few things for Thanksgiving.  And here she arrives with a plate of fresh-baked gingersnap cookies.  Brought tears to my eyes.  They hit the spot for sure!
She knew about my morning sickness and was hoping the ginger would help!!  Sweetness!

Currently...sipping lots of decaf tea and coffee to get fluids into me.  Nothing else I really crave at the moment. 

Currently...using my Silhouette Cameo a little.  Exploring the fun new shapes I was able to get on their fabulous Black Friday weekend sale.  Going to make a fun vinyl baby count down for the front of the fridge.

Currently...loving the smell of winter in the house.  
All my winter decor and candles are out and about!
Balsam and cedar.  Mmmm!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Currently... the process of baking Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls.  I know!  Wow!  Those of you who know me well, know I have not been moving far off the couch because of all-day morning sickness issues.  Ugh.  But today it's been mild.  And I have a need.  Our neighbor's dad died and I want to take up a plate of cinnamon rolls.  And I desperately want to go and visit an elderly DF of mine.  And so desperation takes over and I'm baking.  I'm thinking my family is going to be knocked off their feet tonight at the pleasant, long-ago smell of mommy baking again!

Currently...reading lots of books as I lay on the couch.  It's nice, ok, but I'd much rather be up and about being active.  But I guess I won't have much book reading time once the baby is born right??  

Currently...full of pizza.  Had lunch at Pizza Hut with my dad.  It tasted good, so I ate.  Actually I pigged out.  On the creamy alfredo pasta and curly fries.  Fries??  Yes, our Pizza Hut now has delicious curly fries on the noon buffet.  Crazy, I say, but oh so delicious!!   And Root Beer tasted good today...and French dressing on my salad.  I'm usually a Coke and Ranch dressing girl...but everything is so out of whack right now (including no caffeinne)!

Currently...snacking on red grapes, watermelon and canned peaches.  Mmmm, they taste so good to be.  Cold.  Ha, good thing I told you about my unhealthy eating first or you would be praising me for my healthy pregnancy eating.  Not!!  I eat what appeals right now.  Not much stays down.  So you eat and hope for the best.  And if it doesn't appeal, you cannoteatit no matter how much you tell yourself it's good for you.

Currently...grateful for sunny days.  Grey days never have bothered me.  They just make me cozy in more and get some craft stuff done.  But since I've not been feeling great, grey days are awful.  They make everything feel/seem worse.  I have fresh compassion for my dad and others that do. not. like. grey. days.  And I used to flippantly reply with how I loved them.   Eeep.  Compassion.

Currently...hoping tomorrow is another sunny day!

Currently...very behind with Project Life.  NOT liking that feeling at all.  Blog is behind.  Album  is behind.  And I've been sorely remiss in taking photos.  But really, how many photos can you capture from laying prone on the couch??  Yes, I hear ya', there are some great options, but frankly, I've had NO mojo of any sort for any thing.  OK, here's how life currently revolves around mommy's place on the papers, mail (just prenatal vitamins in that box!), books, socks.  The floor is my new command central.

Currently...making friends with dust bunnies.  They're kinda' cute!  ;)  
And good friends don't bring stress into your life (or add to it). thankful for a family that is not expecting a thing from me.   Nada.
And for friends & family that check in on me.

And so it goes.
Just a little wordy update from me and a snapshot of what life is like right now...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

CAS Sugar challenge...and learning curve!

Whew.  Learning curve today!!  I learned how to make a basic watermark for my blog photos.  Never been a big deal to me, but it was something I wanted to learn how to do.

I also finally got to participate in one of my DF's challenges over at CASology.  This week's challenge is SUGAR.  This idea has been on my mind all week.  It's something I often say in response to someone doing something for me or giving me something that's extra special and perfect!  "Sweet, thanks!"  So, that came to mind with this challenge, as did these fun Thickers alpha stickers I've had in my stash. Full of glitter and sweetness!

CAS cards have been on my mind this week too as I come to terms with the even more limited crafting time I will have with a new little baby arriving in June!  I love CAS, but it seems I'm always wanting to fuss a bit more and make it extra special.  After all, I have a craft corner FULL of goodies calling my name for use.  Well, friends, I think I'm learning what my DF has already come to terms with...CAS can be fun and extra special too.  You can still use what you've got...over time.

So we'll see how it goes.  What do you think of my CAS attempt here?  I'm fighting with myself not to add something a bit more!!  Quotation marks or something.... And I think the watermark needs to be darkened just a tad.

Right now, I'm just trying to survive morning sickness and still enjoy life.
It has subsided the last two days, but so far there has been no rhyme or reason to one day feeling good and the next day not!